How can I send a video from a friend from my computer on to the internet to show it to friends?

Answer load video into pc,and then save to documents,go to email program and attach to email and forward,sending may take longer if internet speed is slow,hope this helps

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Ok so say you film a video send it to a friend, the friend edits the video and gets offered a partnership-?

I think that it all hinges on whether or not you gave permission initially for your video to be used for this purpose. Is youtube actually going to be using the video, or was it just used as an ex... Read More »

How do you (If you can) stop my friends from appearing on my friends search as a mutual friend?

They probably show up because they are all Friends of Friendswhich is a wider circle than just Friends.If your that protective then don't put things up on your TL that you don't want people to see ... Read More »

How do I send dollars from Uk to a friend in USA?

with moneygram at most post offices or western union look in phone book and call them i did it and moneygram is faster and chaeper

How can I download a video from youtube or elsewhere from the Internet onto a memory stick?

Hi go to realplayer website download free version when setting up tick box for default media player, now when you go onto youtube and play a video, if you run your cu... Read More »