How can I set up wifi on my kindle with a dongle?

Answer The password is for connecting to the wireless router. Whoever set up the router has the password.

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Can you get a mini usb wifi dongle for a Kindle Fire?

Nope a USB Wi-Fi dongle will not do. You need a Mi-Fi device. This lets you get internet access anywhere you are and share the internet up to 5 devices (tablets, kindle fire, ipod touch etc). Ch... Read More »

can I use my kindle from my pc dongle?

Have you got the 3G version or just wi-fi?I Understand that 3G would allow you, via a mobile phone like signal, to get books without wi-fi You could use the adapter on the power cable to plug the k... Read More »

Kindle dongle?

You do know a kindle is only a book reader, not a notebook? It has a built in mobile 3g connection like a phone. I think Amazon use whichever company has spare capacity, but we don't get to know w... Read More »

using a dongle or WiFi?

If you have a telephone line it is best to get your broadband through any of the ISPs that service your area, such as BT, or Talk Talk.I don't know if your pc is wifi enabled. If it is you will be... Read More »