How can I share a video with friends via internet?

Answer Load your video on Yahoo Video or YouTube and select your friends or share accessible to the public . . .

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How can I send a video from a friend from my computer on to the internet to show it to friends?

load video into pc,and then save to documents,go to email program and attach to email and forward,sending may take longer if internet speed is slow,hope this helps

How to share eBooks with friends?

It’s no wonder that eBook readers have become so popular: eBooks offer the advantages of easy portability and instant access to a vast library of titles online. Many websites now offer free eBook... Read More »

Why can't i share utube videos to a friends timeline on facebook anymore?

I just noticed the same thing too. I believe what you are saying is that from the YouTube video, you click "SHARE", then click on the Facebook logo. You probably noticed that the only option is t... Read More »

Recently, my video card has gone bad, and the original idea was to switch out my video card with my friends co?

If they are both the same type (PCI-Express x16, AGP, PCI) and your power supply is strong enough for your friend's card, then sure you can install it.