How can I share files on my already set up wireless network?

Answer Are all of your computers on the same work group name. You can see if this is true by going into My Computer then My network connection and then view computers in my work group. If you don't see th... Read More »

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How can I network 2 wireless laptops, one vista and one xp and share and edit files, create a drive etc?

First make sure you have the latest windows updates on both machines; then create system restore points on both laptops naming them for example "network set up".You need to make sure both the XP an... Read More »

Can't share files on home network any more. HELP!?

if it was me i would restore my PC back to an earlier date,StartAccessoriessystem restore

How can I share a music folder through my wireless network ?

Hi, having spent many hours setting up similar environments for friends and family, i can assure you the problem lies with a third party firewall product, Windows Home Networking does not like non ... Read More »

Wireless network keeps disconnecting Have 3 laptops that share the connection?

When you say you lose the connection, I assume you mean the laptop loses its wireless connection to the router rather than the modem on the router losing its connection to the internet (in which c... Read More »