How can I speed up data transfer speeds on Vista?

Answer Vista is infamous for its slow copying of data, especially over networks; Vista SP1 was supposed to have addressed these issues but I have my doubts. Some say using a 3rd party tool speeds things u... Read More »

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Speed of light vs. data transfer across internet?

When sending data messages, the data is not necessarily travelling to the other end of the world. It is travelling to where the server is. Additionally, when connections have been set up, they make... Read More »

Coaxial, Fibre Optic and Twisted pair cable Data Transfer Speed?

Depends on the transceiver and twisted pair rating for fiber and UTP respectively.Cat6a is rated for 10 Gbit, there are fiber optic GBIC/SFP that transmit up to 40 Gbit/sec (OC768).If you research ... Read More »

Why is my PC (which is running Vista) getting extremely low download speeds What could be the cause?

Computers are very versitial and perform a lot of tasks but they need to be maintained on a monthy basic.Right click on C drive/run disc cleanup>Then TOOLS> disc scanner (REBOOT COMPUTER) Then run ... Read More »

If we are not supposed to speed, why are cars built to reach stupid speeds?

The young lady Louise (above) speaks the most sense so far. It is not the car but the person behind the wheel of it.Your argument amount the fact that the cars can travel at those speeds is not the... Read More »