How can I speed up my PC, when I click on an item it takes ages to come up?

Answer Clean windows registry can speed up the computer.Over time, you install new programs, uninstalled unimportant programs, update software's, install new devices, download files from the web, etcetera... Read More »

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My computer takes ages to start up anyone know how i can speed it up?

Go to start> run> type "msconfig" hit enter> click on the startup tab> uncheck programs that are not required for the computer to run.

Windows xp takes ages to boot up can any one help?

usually the splash screen that appears during booting slows don the process of loading xp. if ur computer is problem free and u expect any crashes or such things here is a way 2 disable the xp spla... Read More »

How come petrol can go up straight away but takes ages to come down?

Your first premise is false. Oil is bought in the futures market. The oil you are using now was bought some time ago by the oil companies.

My computer is responding really slowly and it takes me ages to shut down, help?

i know the feeling! doesnt it bug you!i think it depends who you've got your connection with and if its 1mb 2mb etc?