How can I start an IT career at 30 yrs old?

Answer Hiya,"computing" is such a broad area, you need to narrow it down. I see the whole industry as split two ways - creative and logical, it depends which side of your brain you prefer to use the most ... Read More »

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Can i start an ict career at 17?

what??? 17??? You can start any career at 17!Hell- there's people starting these careers at 35!

I.T. career, where to start?

Yeah, first line desktop support - looking for blue chip compaines and head towards a helpdesk enviroment to start you off.

Is 29 too old to start a career?

Realistically your pretty old (i'm 24 and feel old) so you need to get your act together. But remember money isn't everything - just do a job you enjoy doing and get through life being happy.

Is 40 too old to start a new career?

NO!It is not too late to start a new career! When I retired from the Air Force I was already 40 years old. You are planning ahead and have time to complete your studies in order to meet your goal... Read More »