How can I start working from home using my admin skills, my computer and the internet?

Answer Your first step would be to establish a network of contacts - people you know for whom your skills might be useful, and build up from there. If you are already working, would your current employer... Read More »

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I've heard of people working from home using the computer/internet. How do they do that, how do I join in?

I like yahoo answers. You can get to the site by going to

What is the best quick qualification I can get now to start working in admin?

A general admin course in 3 months won't teach you anything of value. Follow a course leading to an accredited exam which is worth getting - and that means at least an academic year.

Looking for home based admin or internet work?

My mum has recently started her home based business, she been doing it for only a few months but is really starting to get it rolling and she's really enjoying it too!It's a worldwide company calle... Read More »

When and how did the internet start, did tghe internet and computer start at the same time?

Like most technology, it started out as an idea with military applications.While computers were not a new concept in the 1950s, there were relatively few computers in existence and the field of com... Read More »