How can I stop Facebook sending me email notifications when I get a message on Facebook?

Answer when you say yes to a application you get the option of the emails or not! You obviously don't uncheck the notification box. Just go into application settings and change it!

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How to stop facebook message sending?

I think she will get the message as soon as you unblock her. On facebook, once you have clicked the send button(or Enter to send message), you can't stop it then. No matter if she hasn't seen it ye... Read More »

How do I stop "nearby" friend notifications on Facebook?

Delete your facebook. Even if you stop this notification, they'll roll out some new feature by summer and you'll have to figure out how to stop that one too.

Facebook: If by sending a message to someone (that's not a friend) they can view my profile page ...?

I'm not 100% certain!But I'm pretty sure, it's from when you send the message!!

How to get Facebook to stop sending emails?

create a filter in your email to delete any mail from facebook.