How can I stop someone liking a photo they have seen a mutual friend tagged in on facebook?

Answer if the pictures on part of your own account, you can just block him (which is also the only way to prevent it)

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I see a tagged picture of my daughter on a mutual friend's facebook page but not hers. Am I being blocked?

Not exactly. She could of hid the photo from her timeline because she didnt like it. And if she did block you from seeing her tagged photos it wouldnt mention her being tagged in that photo.

Is it possible to stop a contact from liking a photo without removing and blocking them?

The only way as far as i know is to stop them seeing the pics when you put them on .....if you put your curser over their name and it says subscribed and a list of things they can see from you like... Read More »

How I stop unknown people on facebook to stop liking my pictures?

That post was must be public thats why someone see it & liked it.When you post status or photo use the audience selector & choose 'friends only' , so that nobody except your friend can see it & won... Read More »

What is this mean in facebook "mutual friend"?

it means you have that friend in common (you both have that friend on your friends-list)