How can I stop someone liking a photo they have seen a mutual friend tagged in on facebook?

Answer if the pictures on part of your own account, you can just block him (which is also the only way to prevent it)

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If i block someone on facebook,will they still see pictures i have tagged to a friend in common?

yes, they'll still be able to see it...but you're name won't be a blue link, like everyone elses name that is tagged in the pic will. You're name will appear black to that person, and he/she wont b... Read More »

How to Untag Someone You Tagged on a Wall Photo on Facebook?

You can add Wall photos to your own profile, or a friend's profile, so long as she has not restricted people from posting to her Wall. Anytime you apply a tag to an image, the person you tag receiv... Read More »

I see a tagged picture of my daughter on a mutual friend's facebook page but not hers. Am I being blocked?

Not exactly. She could of hid the photo from her timeline because she didnt like it. And if she did block you from seeing her tagged photos it wouldnt mention her being tagged in that photo.

If I follow someone on facebook who is not my friend, will they know?

they do not know, if they are not added by you as a friends