How can I type Japanese phonetically, in Microsoft Word 2010 on Windows 8?

Answer I'm not entirely sure how to switch between languages, but you can insert Japanese symbols by going to the bar at the top.

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What do i type in to get graph paper on microsoft word 2010 Please URGENT?

Why don't you download it off here then print it out >>>>…you can download more from here>>> this helped!! xxx

Need help with Microsoft Word 2010............?

On the email you are replying to go to 'Attach File' (it may bey a paperclip symbol). Then browse to where your word docs are saved and click 'Attach'. They should then be attached to the email. Ho... Read More »

Microsoft Word and Excel Starter 2010?

How did you access them? Hi flobadob, they were pre-loaded. Just clicked on the icon. On your desktop? Perhaps they are still there but the icon/shortcut has been deleted. Go to Programs and Office... Read More »

Hi, my microsoft word 2010 wont load?

remove the programme and reload it!All your documents will remain intact on your pc - they only need Office to open/create or amend.Make sure you have the key before you do it - if not run magicjel... Read More »