How can I upgrade my computer with this Budget?

Answer It's quite hard to do that, and to be fair, quite pointless. Unfortunately your motherboard cannot sustain much more. I don't know the specs of your computer in detail, but it appears to be a micro... Read More »

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I inherited a computer that came with Windows 98. I would like to upgrade to XP. How do I do this?

not much of an inheritance is it?a computer that runs Win 98 is so old that it may not be upgradeable to be able to do very much. Hardly worth I'd think.

What do i need to upgrade this computer for it to run really well?

If you aren't a "heavy user" (ultra-games, etc), then some extra memory will do you fine. 1 Gigabyte (1028Mb) is preferable for todays needs.

What do I need to upgrade on this computer for it to run every game on ultra?

That computer is incapable to ever run every game on ultra. Actually incapable of running most games.Just build your own for gaming. Its cheaper and a lot faster. Or pay somebody to build one custo... Read More »

I want to build a gaming computer but have a budget of £500 what parts should I use to stay under my budget?

the one part you shouldn't skimp on when building a gaming computer is the graphics card buy the bes you can afford