How can I upgrade my computer with this Budget?

Answer It's quite hard to do that, and to be fair, quite pointless. Unfortunately your motherboard cannot sustain much more. I don't know the specs of your computer in detail, but it appears to be a micro... Read More »

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I want to build a gaming computer but have a budget of £500 what parts should I use to stay under my budget?

the one part you shouldn't skimp on when building a gaming computer is the graphics card buy the bes you can afford

I have a windows Xp computer is it to outdated to upgrade without buying a new computer?

Run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if you can upgrade to win 7.…If your on about upgrading the computer hardware.. Just buy a new one.

Need a good computer with low budget?

if you're just looking to use it for regular things, like not gaming or anything like that. it'll be able to run just any program that isn't a high-end game.

32 to 64 bit computer upgrade?

Basically, make sure your processor supports 64bit OS. And then if you have more than 4gb RAM, then you can make the most of a 64bit Operating System.And you cant upgrade windows 7 32bit into 64bit... Read More »