How can I use the @ sign on computer?

Answer That doesnt make sense. but its keyboard settings are probably set to american settings.

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My computer is set up that SHIFT 2 gives me the @ sign and not the " sign. Also the Pound sign does not work.?

Start, Control Panel, Regional & Language Options. Select English (UK) everywhere.

Who can Please help. My computer keeps getting cookies x13+ even when I sign in on computer how can I delete?

sorry --if you use a real copy of norton ( not cracked ) you get a full year of support . that is what you paid for--so i smell fish here and you get cookies from any and every site you go to --sin... Read More »

The GB Pound sign on my keyboard gives me the # sign. The # sign gives me the \ sign.What is solution?

I had that problem with my laptop and a website helped me out:Changing this is simple - just a little lengthy in it’s solution! Within XP, follow the following procedure: Open Control Panel (Star... Read More »

I want to sign in to two msn's using one computer?

hey✎use the add on PLUS LIVE→once you installed the program log on MSN with one of your accounts❶sign in with one account❷ on the toolbar click on the P... Read More »