How do U Write Fractions As Decimals?

Answer To write fractions as decimals is easy. Easiest way is by using a calculator. Than you only need to divide the top of the fraction by the bottom. It's also possible to convert manually.

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How to Add Unlike Fractions?

You add unlike fractions by finding the least common denominator. Once that has been found and the fractions have been converted, you will be able to add them.

How do You do Unlike Fractions?

For you to do unlike fractions all you have to do is find a common denominator. Then divide the common denominator to the original denominator and multiply it to the numerator. Example ?_ ??? 1/3 ... Read More »

Art Projects Using Fractions?

Fractions are all around us. While the concept of fractions may be simple to grasp once we're adults, using fractions in a simple way can make them more understandable to young students. Art can be... Read More »

How do You Divide Two Fractions?

For us to divide two fractions all we need is to get the reciprocal of the second fraction. When done multiply them and simplify by the process of cancellation if possible.