How can email relay agents help make a network secure?

Answer A relay agent in general just passes on a message to the correct correspondents. an Email Relay Agent or MTA Mail-Transfer-Agent does the same thing it sends SMTP messages to the correct Mail Boxe... Read More »

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How do i make my wireless network secure?

I have vista on my laptop but am just figuring it out, somewhere in there you should be able to find a" wep key" that is your password if you like for conecting to the network, try vista help it is... Read More »

How could you make your home or small business Wi-Fi network secure?

You have to setup a 'network key' and change the administrator password to something other then its default.Here are the directions on how to do just that. These are taken from my blog http://www.r... Read More »

How do i configure a wireless connection, to make it secure from intruders using my network?

Some routers have the security codes fixed and these are normally displayed on the outside of the router.Other routers allow the user to define or change the Service Set IDentifier (SSID) which is ... Read More »

What Is a Relay Network?

A relay network is a type of computer network used to send information between two devices, such as a server and a computer, that are too far away to send the information to each other directly. Th... Read More »