How can i access a computer that doesn't have a monitor?

Answer You can access it as normal. It is just more difficult to know what is going on.

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Computer turns on but monitor doesnt and comes up with no video input?

this happened to mine, its the motherboard. Blown chip, you'll have to replace the motherboard.Hope that helpsLx

My monitor wont come on! the pc starts up but the monitor just doesnt come on saying no signal!?

Are you sure that the cable that connects the monitor to the back of the PC is plugged in properly? If that is okay then the problem is either with the cable, the monitor or the PC. If possible you... Read More »

Why doesnt windows fit my monitor?

Is the graphics card driver installed ? If not try installing that?Hope that helps :-)

Why doesnt my screen fill the monitor?

I have no idea what GPU you have, so I am hoping it is an AMD since I had this issue when I updated my graphics card drivers, but it's all fixed.What you want to do is right click your mouse on the... Read More »