How can i access a computer that doesn't have a monitor?

Answer You can access it as normal. It is just more difficult to know what is going on.

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I want to access my computer from another computer, how do i do that as i have to input user name & password?

I'll assume you are talking about Windows. Here's the walk through for XP. Right click on your "My Computer" icon. Click on properties.Click on the remote tab. Select the second box down, make ... Read More »

Computer turns on but monitor doesnt and comes up with no video input?

this happened to mine, its the motherboard. Blown chip, you'll have to replace the motherboard.Hope that helpsLx

My computer monitor does not turn on with my new video card that I have put in?

Likely you will have to go into your BIOS and set the primary video adapter to "PCI-E".Then save and restart, putting the cable into the video cards now.

MSN Remote Assistance... How long wil one have de access to another's computer after allowing access?

Until ether you or the other person disconnects the connection, you both should have the ability to do that. If you never disconnect RA, it will always be enabled as long as your machine is on. TIP... Read More »