How can i browse my computer from a different pc?

Answer Try this link…Download and install the software. Just follow instructionsYou can access pc to pc through internet.

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What is that website that let's you browse data from different cities around the world?

Do you mean the CIA world factbook?…

I cannot browse the net with my WIN7 & WIN Vista laptops. Desktop browse fine. what is the problem?

Check the Windows Firewall settings relating to the network... Also, check that the internet connection settings are correct... go to Internet Explorer --> Tools --> Internet Options --> Connection... Read More »

My computer has odd histiry that I didn't browse?

These could be pop-up screens; adverts when visiting other sites. Use products like AdblockPlus to get rid of them, delete your history and you should stop seeing these.Incidentally, wells Fargo is... Read More »

How can I stop my dad from seeing what I browse on the Internet through the modem?

ok, well odds are if he is actually monitoring you, its not without some program on your computer actually sending your history to his laptop. so, first these monitoring things can be very discreet... Read More »