How can i change my facebook profile themes?

Answer Hi,Sorry to say friend, but you can't change facebook theme. It's by default theme.Thanks

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How do I change my Facebook profile back?

It's new and i believe there is no going back to old layout. Sorry :(

Scared to change profile pic on FaceBook?

Whooa honey your thinking too much. First of all its Facebook, a social network, a picture is just a picture. Every girl is beautiful in different ways. Only because people may not like a picture d... Read More »

How can I change my facebook profile pic using the iPhone app?

Here you go!1. Either upload the photo or navigate to the photo that you would like to be your profile picture using the Facebook iPhone App.2. If the photo is your photo or you are tagged in the p... Read More »

How to Change a Facebook Profile on an iPod Touch?

Facebook's mobile application for the iPod touch lets you access several Facebook features. You can change your Facebook profile picture from within your Facebook application. Alternatively, if you... Read More »