How can i check what network my iPhone 4 is on?

Answer Sounds very much to me that is a nicked phone that has been taken off of the system.How the IMEI number [that is in all mobile phones and devices that use mobile networks] works is when the device ... Read More »

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IPhone original network?

Go to: Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data NetworkIt should have the original network in there, if not try contacting the seller or check the packaging.

How do I can I connect to a wireless network with my iPhone 4?

If you have tried in the past, it's probably remembered the network name - what you describe is the screen to change settings on a 'known' network.Go to Settings, WiFi, select your network name and... Read More »

How Do I Check a Network Adapter?

There are many types of network adapters, including wireless network adapters and virtual network adapters. To check a network adapter, you must first determine whether type of adapter that is in u... Read More »

How to Check If an iPhone Is Stolen?

All iPhones have unique International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers. If you suspect that an iPhone you have in your possession was stolen, you can call either AT&T or Verizon's customer service... Read More »