How can i connect my netbook to my home computer to use its internet?

Answer Question:Can your modem broadcast a wireless signal? If not, then you can get a cable to connect your laptop to one of the remaining ports on your modem. If you do not have any extra ports on your ... Read More »

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Why wont my ocean netbook connect to the internet?

When you say it cannot connect to internet, do you mean to say it connects to WiFi and then does not go out to internet OR it does not connect to WiFi at all? The nature/wording of error would give... Read More »

How to Connect to Wireless Internet on an Asus Eee PC 900SD Netbook?

The Asus Eee PC 900SD netbook has a set of special function keys that toggle computer settings on and off. The F2 key enables and disables the wireless network adaptor. If the adaptor is turned off... Read More »

Son's laptop wont connect to internet. Internet options shows home page as "about:blank".?

About blank is great, in fact, I'd highly suggest it. I like for mine to be blank so that I can go to the sites of my choice, not a site that someone else wants me to go to. That's the very reason ... Read More »

How do we connect our laptop to the internet when we our away from home?

I too have just bought a wireless enabled laptop myself (Intel Centrino). I haven't yet set up my wireless network at home yet, but i have been able to connect to the Internet at Uni, using the fre... Read More »