How can i connect several computers together so i can access the documents from one on another?

Answer There are SO many ways you can do this! I will tell you the simplest cheapest way!You need to make sure all the computers are next to each other! You need to buy a Switch or a Hub (Around $20 from ... Read More »

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How to access my documents from another PC?

Hi,That is strange as when you add a drive on a usb that is already loaded with a copy of windows it should not stop you accessing any part of the drive?What error or problem are you getting when y... Read More »

How easy is it to hack a computers word documents?

Someone on the same WiFi network may have access to other devices on the same network. If you want to be secure, make your network a "Home" network, to limit this. Also change the password. File Sh... Read More »

Is there a way to separate fonts, like in two libraries that you can access in documents?

Cannot think of such a thing existing as a program parameter.But what you describe is a bureaucratic trudge to edit documents requiring standard font types and a slip-slidey whizz bang adventure to... Read More »

Is it possible to control Wi-Fi access to certain computers?

In the old days the mother or father would tell this kid to get off the computer and go outside for some exercise! Why complicate things when parental authority will do the same thing?Simplest th... Read More »