How can i connect several computers together so i can access the documents from one on another?

Answer There are SO many ways you can do this! I will tell you the simplest cheapest way!You need to make sure all the computers are next to each other! You need to buy a Switch or a Hub (Around $20 from ... Read More »

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How to access my documents from another PC?

Hi,That is strange as when you add a drive on a usb that is already loaded with a copy of windows it should not stop you accessing any part of the drive?What error or problem are you getting when y... Read More »

How can i connect 2 computers together?

The only proper way to set it up is to buy a router! Both pcs must have network interface ports or cards. You will need cat5 straight thru cables also.

How do you connect 2 computers together?

I don't normally answer questions where there are 7 answers already, but the quality of answers so far is cr*p.Firstly, to connect 2 PCs you will need to decide whether you want a wired or wireless... Read More »

How to Connect Two Computers Together as a Slave & Master?

Windows Remote Assistance allows you to connect your computer to another using an Internet connection as opposed to wires. Once connected, one computer will act as the master, controlling everythin... Read More »