How can i delete pagefile.sys from my C:\?

Answer The question is, why do you want to delete it? Do you know what it is and what it's for? It sounds like you may not know. Do you want to delete it because it's a big file and it's taking up room on... Read More »

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If i delete a photo album from Facebook would it delete the photographs inside?

yes.. Just like when you're deleting a folder on your computer. If you just like to delete the album but not the photos, you might want to back up your photos first.

Can't remember log in email for facebook, I want to delete the account and restart a new one, how do I delete?

no....sorry,unless you can reset the email know,when you can choose the option that you forgot your login or password(i think it's got it.pick FORGOT EMAIL....or whatever(may be FORGOT... Read More »

If you delete a sent message on myspace before the person reads it, does it delete it at their end?

Nope. Your words are set in stone, short of knowing this persons password you need to begin to prepare yourself for embaressing moments ahead.Good luck.

When you delete files to your recycle bin and then delete them,do they stay in your pc and how do you check?

You can get a disk recovery program like DiskInternals. When they are "deleted" all that happens is that their directory entry is altered so it looks like they are not there. If you don't write ove... Read More »