How can i earn money quicker on pet society on facebook ?

Answer Winning Stadium Races : 30 Coins per win, 10 races per day (when the starter guy blinks, go, don't wait for the flag).Visit Friends (tell a joke when you walk in, then walk out of the house, then w... Read More »

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Should you tell friends how much money you earn if they ask, when you earn big money?

I think no. I earn quite a bit and have been in the same dilemma as you before. If I tell people how much I earn I normally end up making excuses, putting myself down or going on about how many b... Read More »

When travelling on a motorway,is it quicker to stay in the same lane in traffic jams or quicker 2 change lanes?

Stay in the same. Switching causes more congestion.

Pet Society application facebook?

Get coins by walking through the trees. By visiting friends and play, tell a joke, dance etc with them. After visiting friends, check out their happiness and hygiene stats. Brush and wash them. And... Read More »

I need to earn some extra money and its got to be at home, I have already lost money and been scammed.?

Honestly most 'work from home' is sick scamming aimed at the desperate. If you can do book keeping try approaching a local small business.