How can i find out if my car is registered in my name - i havent got any forms?

Answer UKGet form V62 from a post office and fill it is and send £25 with it

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Can policr find out if you havent got car insurance by reading the car numberplate?

In the UK, the answer is YES. Don't do it, you're making things more expensive for the honest ones among us, and if you get caught it'll just make it even more expensive for you in future.

How can one find a registered will?

Cars & Transportation > Insurance & Registration is the category here. However, if the will has been registered, that means there is a public record of it. Search for it on line or at the local c... Read More »

How to find free landlord forms?

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how do i find out who a vehicle is registered to?

Vehicle registration is private information, but can be legally acquired from the police in particular circumstances. It is said that may provide this information as well.