How can i find out my computers ip and dns server addresses?

Answer Go to Network Connections > and then double-click on your internet connection >> Details... you'll see them right there....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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: i have 5 different ip addresses on my mail activity log i only use 2 computers can i find out who the others?

Do you access your email via your phone or free wifi hotspots? That could account for the other three IP adresses.

Where can you find your computers Server IP address?

go to they will shows ur ip address

Do different computers have differnt IP addresses?

I am assuming that you have a router installed with an cat5e cable. That router will do somehting call NAT (network address translation). That will give you private ip addresses from your ISP addre... Read More »

Do isps put a limit on how many IP addresses can be assigned to computers on a network?

Within your network there is no limit. However, you are generally only allowed 1 IP address to represent your network to the internet.