How can i find out my own ip adress?


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How do You Find Your IP Adress?

Internet Protocol is commonly denoted in dotted decimal form. Somehow depends on your operating system for example in Windows XP you??re just going to open command prompt which is located at access... Read More »

How do i find out the owner of an IP adress?

if you goto then goto IPWHOIS Lookupthen DNS lookup and change it to NS and enter the ip address the only details you will get is ISP company eg BT, NTL (For UK), etc etc.. ... Read More »

How do u find the ip adress 2 ur computer?

Viewing Your Computer’s IP InformationBegin by first clicking on the Start Button.Then click on the Run Icon, which will open up the Run Menu for you.Locate the white area of the screen next to t... Read More »

Can someone find your adress on skype?

Your email address?-No. Not if it's private/hidden. That's a setting you have to change yourself, though.