How can i find out where a request to open a file originated?

Answer First stop using unsafe sites to watch movies. Then turn your computer off properly and restart it. After you have logged into your system to your desk top try to open the internet. Boot your co... Read More »

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How can i find where an e.mail originated. i.e. ( vacinity )?

yes you can, at the last page, on the right there should be full header, click that and it opens up a lot of ip address and other stuff. look for orinating ip address and then you a site like www.i... Read More »

What is the difference if i "open file" or "save file"?

Open File means that you're opening the file, or a file that has already been saved.Save File means well you're basically saving it onto your system. :DHope thiss helped... ;]xxxx

How to Open an RDB File?

An RDB file may be one of four types of file. An RDB file may be a random database file for the Darkbot talking IRC bot program. Darkbot is Unix- and Windows-compatible. When connected to an IRC ch... Read More »

How to Open a PFL File?

File names that end with the "PFL" extension are data files on Windows computers. Two programs can create and open PFL files: Business and Family Lawyer -- fillable forms for a variety of legal doc... Read More »