How can i find someones ip from facebook?

Answer You can actually find a user's ip address by using the netstat command while chatting with them. You're making a connection through the protocol xmpp - which runs on ports: 5222 TCP XMPP client... Read More »

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How to find out someones past relationship status on facebook?

Just look through all the history on thier wall...scroll down and click show more posts.

Can a solicitor find someones address through Facebook or similar site?

I dont see how this would be possible, no. Facebook are not allowed to give out members personal information to just anyone.... solicitors included unless they have authorization from a court!Profi... Read More »

How can i find out what website someones myspace layout is from?

All you do is put your friends user name in the link below, and it will give you their layout code. Hope this helps

If someones name comes up under a spanish facebook profile does that mean they are from spain?

Hmmm, i'd becareful! Just because she has a spanish name doesnt nessacerly mean she is from spain! Should could be from mexico, portugal, etc... But if she is keeping her id safe, maybe she is a ca... Read More »