How can i find the client abroad?

Answer The only way you will do that is to have your own web site and advertise on it and build a client base from that.You have to build a supply and demand reputation first. It certainly does't happen o... Read More »

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I would like in summer 2010 to find a job abroad in a hotel entertainment team, how do i find a job?

Apply to the French hotel chain Club Med. THey will hire you if you are good at working with people. Especially if you are good at sports. ( i don't work for them).

Where can I find my National Insurance number, I have been abroad so long i cant find anything with it on.?

If you are having trouble finding your National Insurance details you need to call HM Revenue & Customs they can help you.

How would a dhs caseworker find out that their client has a job?

HMRC** (assuming they used their own NI number and are paying Tax)If they are paid 'cash in hand', MOST LIKELY they will, only get caught when some-one recognises them and reports them ..**HMRC sca... Read More »

The saying - 'once a client always a client' is there any better sayings that mean the same?

Once upon a time it may be true. Today, you'd have to work that much harder to maintain a client. And even then you may lose the client. That's why this presumptious 'saying' should not have an equ... Read More »