How can i find the client abroad?

Answer The only way you will do that is to have your own web site and advertise on it and build a client base from that.You have to build a supply and demand reputation first. It certainly does't happen o... Read More »

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I would like in summer 2010 to find a job abroad in a hotel entertainment team, how do i find a job?

Apply to the French hotel chain Club Med. THey will hire you if you are good at working with people. Especially if you are good at sports. ( i don't work for them).

Where can I find my National Insurance number, I have been abroad so long i cant find anything with it on.?

If you are having trouble finding your National Insurance details you need to call HM Revenue & Customs they can help you.

How would a dhs caseworker find out that their client has a job?

HMRC** (assuming they used their own NI number and are paying Tax)If they are paid 'cash in hand', MOST LIKELY they will, only get caught when some-one recognises them and reports them ..**HMRC sca... Read More »

How to find property to buy abroad?

German rents are low because the market is regulated. The wealth tax is calculated on the theoretical rental value if you own your home. The rental market is highly liquid and landlords maintain ... Read More »