How can i get on fb in school?

Answer Use a proxy, Google how to create a proxy website and go from there. Depending on your schools knowledge of computers, typing https instead of http works. As the other guys said, try to focus on yo... Read More »

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What do you think of these for a 13 year old boys school shoes (Scottish school so uniform is required)?

Yup there're perfect for uniform. I did see quite a lot of boys (when I was in uniform - 6th former now) wear shoes simular to those.

Is it legal to persecute a school pupil for being an admin of a facebook group against the school [UK]?

The top line here is conspiracy to commit arson. Carries a life sentence. Being excluded is getting off light. His recourse is to hang things on the real admin

How to Organize Kids for School and After School Activities: Tips for Parents?

A young child has a different concept of time, and competing activities can easily distract him from getting ready for school or after-school activities. He may easily forget your previous suggesti... Read More »

Where can i get the new school unform for ridgeway school wroughton swindon wilts?

Try your local supermarkets, they generally sell school uniforms at a very good price.