How can i get people to visit my sons web page

Answer Just checked it out, cool! Tell him it is a smart page. J.

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Website optimization i want get more people visit my page.?

First you need to have some good stuff on you site/blog to get some visitors. That is the legal way. When i say legal i think about people subscribe to your blog/site and waiting for new stuff to r... Read More »

Trying to get my sons computer to display yahoo page?

Okay, can you connect to the internet/browse pages okay? If so your connection is working fine.Can you connect to your sons school network and see everything else on there? if so you have logged ... Read More »

Is it possible to get someone's IP address when they visit a page or message?

If I had to do this, I would setup an http server on my PC, enable logging, open ports to make sure it's accessible from the internet, host a picture on it, link the picture in the PM, wait for my ... Read More »

Facebook; are the people under your friends list on your profile the people who visit your wall most?

it's based on interaction as explained here