How can i give loads of love on bebo (more than 3)?

Answer oh i know how join a group that give love to you (some give 30 love for joining) here is one:

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Why does my hubby love his Apple Mac more than me?

The Mac does what he wants, when he wants it done, doesn't whine at him to mow the yard, and doesn't ever gripe about the skid marks in his underwear.Just a guess....

Do flat panel screens give off more radiation than the old PC monitors?

Technically, the flat panels don't give out any dangerous radiation at all. However, the old ones can give out 2 radiations: 1. The old screen bombard a chemical coating on the screen with electron... Read More »

Did you know that more than 1,000 social housing homes in Westminster cost YOU more than £500 per week?

Yes thank you, rant over!The government has already come up with changes, so what is your point?

Peter has £28 more than Alan who has £34 more than me. How much more money has Peter than me!?