How can i go about getting a job at my local PC world store ?

Answer Perhaps they use this as some sort of 'exam' (if you can't find the application forms on-line, you are not persistant enough (or clever enough) to work there :-) )To assist you = go to the PC World... Read More »

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Help im going to kill everyone in my local comet store.?

You would want to talk to someone more in charge, such as a Manager.Mention the Sale of Goods Act 1979.They need to repair within a reasonable amount of time.You should mention to them since they a... Read More »

Do you still purchase items from the small local hardware store?

yes and it is just like the one in the wo ronnies sketch.

My daughter is 13 and looking for a saturaday job in a local store any answers please contact me straight away?

She's too young. She needs permission to work from the school and then she's only allowed to work for 2 hours before she has to have a break.

PC World or a local computer shop?

PC world have over priced goods, don't believe me compare it with online prices, local computer shops i don't trust them, just in case you on't know the majority of them like to swap parts like i w... Read More »