How can i hack my friends computer?

Answer Daddy won't buy you a computer next time if you think like that...Kid, you're grounded.

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How can I hack my friends phone?

A. Don't get drunk and you have nothing to worry about. B. You'll have to intercept the trunk and write a bit of software to give her a false update which will enable you to crosshatch the RTTY ser... Read More »

How can someone hack into your computer?

Download anti-virus software, I use avast. Its free and does the job amazingly!

How to hack a computer?

If i told you then i would have kill you it is very very dangerous as axes can be extremely sharp

How to hack a setlite or a computer?

What's a setlite? Maybe you mean satellite. Don't try to hack into either. If you can't spell satellite and have to ask this sort of dull question on Y!A, then you're not in with much of a chance a... Read More »