How can i improve my wi-fi signal?

Answer Install and run wirelessnetview, use a different channel than your neighbors. If your laptop is new it will have wireless n, upgrade the router to n. You might also do research on powerline network... Read More »

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How to Improve Satellite Signal?

To improve your satellite signal you may want to install it in a better spot. Also just tilting the dish a bit could pick up a better signal.

How to Improve Wireless Signal Strength?

Wireless signal strength can be improved by placing your wireless router at an elevated and centralized place. Place it away from equipment like a cordless phone and microwave oven.

How can improve my wireless Internet signal?

First try connecting the computer directly to the Internet modem to make sure the issue is caused by the router. If performance is still bad it's not your router but your ISP. Try a modem reboot.If... Read More »

How do I improve my PS3s wifi signal?

You could try to make a homemade antenna using the aluminum.This is an example:…