How can i increase signal strength on wireless connection?

Answer try moving the wireless router around

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My wireless connection says i have a good signal strength but theres is very limited or no

suggest wireless interference particularly near white goods (fridge, freezer, microwave etc) try changing channels on both the router and the receiver. You have probably tried this already, but tha... Read More »

Wireless network signal strength?

shop for a new routerthey have gotten more powerful over the last few yearsor move your router to the middle of the house..those attennas do little if anything

How to Improve Wireless Signal Strength?

Wireless signal strength can be improved by placing your wireless router at an elevated and centralized place. Place it away from equipment like a cordless phone and microwave oven.

How to Check Wireless Signal Strength on the XBox 360?

The Xbox 360, developed by Microsoft, is a gaming console with the ability to connect to the Internet with its Xbox Live service. There are numerous ways to connect to Xbox Live, including via Ethe... Read More »