How can i know how many computers are path my network?

Answer Need more info as to what you are looking for.~Maybe these free network tools will help

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Do isps put a limit on how many IP addresses can be assigned to computers on a network?

Within your network there is no limit. However, you are generally only allowed 1 IP address to represent your network to the internet.

We network our computers but want to swap the main computer. does anybody know how?

Double click My Computer, right click whatever the drive you want to share, in this case C: drive, so right click C drive, select Sharing and Security, click on the link and follow the sharing wiza... Read More »

Don’t Steal Computers From People Who Know How to Use Computers?

What a dumb pharte. Karma prevails! What is lulz? Internet slang for "merriment".

Question about network computers?

If he is tech savy enough...yes..that is possible.Best defense is to turn on your Windows Firewall. Go To Start then Control Panel. You see an icon for Windows Firewall.