How can i know how many computers are path my network?

Answer Need more info as to what you are looking for.~Maybe these free network tools will help

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How do I network my 2 home computers together?

Is it possible, using a BT 'Home Hub II' to network two or more computers..?

i know it can be done but how i dont know. i have 3 computer to the internet at home to my home hub 2

How to Message Other Computers on Your Network?

Occasionally, the need may arise to send a broadcast message to all of the computers on your network. Microsoft Windows provides a function that accomplishes this task. The MSG.EXE function in Wind... Read More »

Question about network computers?

If he is tech savy enough...yes..that is possible.Best defense is to turn on your Windows Firewall. Go To Start then Control Panel. You see an icon for Windows Firewall.