How can i let people know re internet that something's over?

Answer First learn to write an intelligible sentence we can understand. Then you might get answers that are useful.

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Did you know that if you re-new your car tax over the phone or internet they sting you for another £2.50.?

That is adding insult to injury is it not. I don't know if they do that here in the UK? Mine is due (£100!!) i think i will just go to the Post Office to be on the safe side!

Does anyone know of a quick and easy way to make money over the internet That is legal!?

This question is really to open, what are you looking to do?Do you want to invest? How much time are you willing to devote to your business? Some individuals are looking for quick money and want yo... Read More »

In the late 1990's internet chatrooms were very popular for people to network over the internet.?

They were shut down by the ISPs and various companies [like MS] because after a few high profile paedophile rings, chat room groomers, stalkers ended up in court. As it all involved children and mi... Read More »

Why has internet dating become so common. don't people know it's a risky business and people are only after?

That's not always true - you find people off of the internet with the same two interests. Meeting a person at the local bar is just as risky as meeting online. People have to use common sense and... Read More »