How can i look up bebo in work, they have it blocked?

Answer One of those suggestions could work but just think before you use them, the IT section will spot it and do you really want to lose your job just because you can't stay off bebo for a few hours?Thos... Read More »

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How can I get MSN messenger - they have blocked it and they have also blocked ebuddy?

At last, the schools are finally employing techies that can stop these kids wasting thier lives....

Does the person blocked from my email know they have been blocked?

Not unless they try to send you email and get a "bounce" notice. This varies with different internet service providers.

I am school, and have a free lesson but all the sites like bebo and facebook are you know any prox?

Why not get a life and do some work for once? - you never know, you will probably be glad you did one day!

If i have blocked someone on msn can they see....?

No, it will just seem to them that you are offline, and haven't updated since you last spoke to them.