How can i look up bebo in work, they have it blocked?

Answer One of those suggestions could work but just think before you use them, the IT section will spot it and do you really want to lose your job just because you can't stay off bebo for a few hours?Thos... Read More »

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How do i get on bebo,myspace,piczo and other blocked websites?

hello,,This how...go in these websites and type the web u want to go inwww.lightproxy.comwww.schoolboredom.comwww.vtunnel.comwww.usaproxy.comThese works the best try on of themGood luck

I am school, and have a free lesson but all the sites like bebo and facebook are you know any prox?

Why not get a life and do some work for once? - you never know, you will probably be glad you did one day!

Bebo won't work for me?

Hello :)I am addicted to bebo and I had this aswell, it drove me round the bend!All I had to do was to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, its free and there is lots of links to it all over the interne... Read More »

Why wont bebo work?

This happened to my kids i researched and found out bebo are saying that ie is having problems for bebo at the minute to bypass this i downloaded firefox and enter the net via that instead of ie.My... Read More »