How can i make my internet connection faster?

Answer It's basically what everyone else has been saying. If you're on a 2mb or below connection, then you could look around for a higher speed connection, as long as your line will support it. Have a l... Read More »

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How to make my internet connection faster?

You are totally in the Lap of the Gods in regards what speed you get.Also there is NO program in the world that will improve on that as you have just proved.We all had programs like that back when ... Read More »

How to Make a PS3 Internet Connection Faster?

Routers and modems can sometimes slow the downloading speeds for PS3 game consoles if the proper ports are not open. To speed up downloads and increase connectivity, you will need to correct the wi... Read More »

Is there any way to make my connection speed faster?

- come near to your access point or wireless route- Buy a new wireless access point or route has stronger signal- Buy wireless boost device- Buy more access points and routes

How can I make my Internet faster?

First of all, your computer is not connected to a 100Mbps Internet connection, and your slow speeds prove it. Rather, the 100Mbps you're seeing is your network connection to your router and other c... Read More »