How can i make my laptop wireless so i can use it anywhere around the house?

Answer you need to install a wireless router, and syncronise your laptop woth it. laptops usually need a wireless device plugging in, but some have wifi and such. it's the wireless adaptor built in.

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How to make it so that a wireless laptop won't interfere with a wireless ps3?

It's not interference, its utilization. The slow down is occurring because their isn't enough bandwidth, either on your WiFi network or you Internet connection. If you are using an 802.11g router, ... Read More »

Trying to make my laptop wireless with Netgear. I can connect to the web wired, but laptop won't find WAN?

What is the security setting you have set on your router? If you have set it to WEP it should be able to prompt your laptop for password. However if you set it to WPA2 you will have to manually con... Read More »

How Can I Make My Wired Laptop Wireless?

With each newer generation of laptop computers, wireless networking is becoming more common. Nearly all new laptops sold today have wireless capabilities built in. To make a laptop that has only wi... Read More »

What is the name of the contraption used to make your laptop wireless?