How can i make vlc as my default player for my torrent downloads?

Answer this has nothing to do with torrents, you just right click the file in an explorer window & go to 'open with' & pick vlc along with 'make this my default' or something along those linesor go to vlc... Read More »

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What Are Torrent Downloads?

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How to Make VLC My Default Player on a Mac?

The Mac comes with free applications to play your media files. The QuickTime application plays movie files and iTunes will play your music files. However, you might find that QuickTime doesn't play... Read More »

How to put real player as my default player?

You want to go to the tool and preferences menu in real player and it will sort it out for you. I'd recommend a "delete absent files" option, just to get rid of your red crosses. Then you want to s... Read More »