How can i read my facebook messages without it freezing?

Answer Try doing this, mouse click on the recent message of your friend and press "home" key on your keyboard(Mouseclick+home). Try using the apps like archivedbook( to access your frien... Read More »

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Someone was able to read my deleted facebook messages - how is this possible?

Hi, there are two parts to a message, the sender and receiver. Just because you as the sender delete a message, the receiver still has it until they choose to delete it.

How to read SMS messages on an SD card?

Most smartphones don't provide an option to transfer text messages to an SD card, although it can be done with the use of apps or work-arounds. If you've managed to backup your SMS database to an e... Read More »

Why can't I read m msn messages after changing s cable :/?

The changes you made and your emails not showing up are completely not related, there is no real way for a link to be made between the two. It was probably just a temporary internal problem that so... Read More »

How to Read AT&T Text Messages When You Don't Have Your Phone?

Conversing through text messaging has become increasingly popular. Checking texts on your phone only takes a few seconds. If you own an AT&T cell phone and want to check your messages without your ... Read More »