How can i record footage of a pc game as i play it?


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How do good youtubers who make video game play videos record without the sound of keyboard button presses etc?

A lot of it probably involves the positioning of the microphone and the processing of the sound during the edit. If you've ever heard TotalBiscuit discussing his job you'll know he spends a massiv... Read More »

What game has a feature that is part of the game to record and upload to YouTube?

Increasingly, YouTube integration is seen as a valuable feature addition to games. Spore Creature Creator, for example, offers to place a video of your creature on YouTube.At the same time, a speci... Read More »

Can i play game on wed androd 236, armv7 1GHzm ram 512, flash play 11?

Here is the information you can use to see what games your computer can play.… Read More »

Would this laptop be good enough to play a game with these requirements (Laptop / game specs inside).?

The short answer to your question is yes. See below for the details.128Mb Ram required, your system has 4GB - Pass500 MHz CPU required, your system has 2.6GHz - PassHD Version of Game:256Mb Ram req... Read More »