How can i reduce the number of running processes on my pc?

Answer if running windows xp:click start ----> run -----> type "msconfig" and press enter. on the general tab select the radial button indicating "selective startup" -----> then click the last tab "startu... Read More »

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I have 18 svchost.exe running in my processes in task manager how can i sort this out please?

Have you updated and run a full scan with malwarebytes? You may want to try it in Safe Mode.

Windows says my virtual memory is low. friend says i prob have too many processes running. what can i do?

If you want to know what processes do what when you click on the task manager, check this website…

How to use Pslist to see running processes on your computer or remote computers for repairing or troubleshooting?

Pslist is a program by Sysinternals that is now distributed by Microsoft. It allows you to sort through and retrieve a list of processes from a computer, or from a computer on the network. This is ... Read More »

What can be done to reduce the number of car accidents?

Figures from the department of transport indicate the biggest cause of accident are bad driving habits. These figures are collected at the scene of the accident by the police, they are called contr... Read More »