How can i reply my Facebook masseges by the massenger?

Answer you cant send Facebook message. using her facebook email you can mail her. the facebook mail id is username@facebook.comgo to her profile, on the address bar you will see her username ( format is f... Read More »

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How do I contact Facebook and get a reply?

They could care less what you or anyone else thinks. They are only there to learn everything about you and your friends that they can so they can make money off the information. Nothing else matters.

She saw my facebook message but did not reply?

He didn't reply to my facebook message?

Why is there so much drama on FB?Surely you can make a decision on your own aboutsomething as simple as that without having to resortasking an International website what to do.He's really cute. Oh ... Read More »

Why does she reply back so late on facebook?

Either she isn't in the mood to chat or she isn't in the mood to chat with you.You can ask, "Is this a bad time to chat?".If she responds "Yes, but I'll be able to chat in an hour / on Tuesday / ... Read More »