How can i set ma fb account to invisible or private?

Answer Account > Privacy SettingsYour account will still show up, but people will not be able to search for it.

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How do i set my myspace account to private?

I don't think you can set filmmaker's accounts to private. Contact the myspace team in an e-mail if you relly need to. Otherwise, just remove last names, phone numbers, and addresses from your My... Read More »

Ebay business to private account?

close and start again, also avoids future grief

If im a private account can someone who Ive blocked still see my tweets?

Hi,If you blocked someone, then he/she can't able to see your tweets. Thanks

Is your bebo/myspace etc.. account private?

Yeah of course it's private.People add me and if I know them then I accept.My friend had an incident where she was stalked by some man who found her bebo, and saw her in her school uniform.We had t... Read More »