How can i set up a VPN so remote PC's can have a network drive?

Answer Which version of ACT?Act is very slow over all but the fastes VPNs, you will be waiting around for ages to switch between records, notes etc.Best way would be a site to site VPN maintained by somet... Read More »

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I have a 1Tb westerndigital network hard drive. It fails to connect to my network.?

it wont connect to a network? or the computer? if it can connect to the computer and not the network, right click on it, go to sharing, and run the wizard. If it is not showing up onto your compute... Read More »

Help with remote access on a home network?

Not all versions of windows have Remote AccessMicrosoft wants you to step up the cash register and pay more if you want those feauresEasy answer - Forget MicrosoftFor remote access on computers wit... Read More »

Does anyone know how to configuer a nas drive to a network, i have a sumvision encloser with a 500 gb drive?

Assuming you are connecting it to your routerMake sure it gets an IP address (by DHCP)disable the internal DHCP Set the NAS box as a Samba share (this will be the drive you see on the network)If yo... Read More »

Mac network drive question?