How can i share my documents with my other computer?

Answer get a memory stick

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How to share a folder(vista) with the other PC(xp) using a router?

xp has to be running service pack 2. connect both pc's to your router. Create a home network on the vista machine and save the settings when prompted to a usb key. put the usb key in your xp mac... Read More »

How to Share My External Hard Drive With My Other Computers?

A properly configured computer can share the contents of an external hard drive with other computers on the network. Computers can share anything that is assigned a drive letter -- hard drives, dis... Read More »

We live in a 1 bedroom flat, but share the building with 3 other tenants.?

First off, if they made noise till 5am, you should have called the police. If you didn't do it then, you really can't get the police involved now. Besides, you will not have much of a case if this ... Read More »

How to Share One Keyboard with a Laptop and a Desktop Computer?

Typing on a laptop is easier when you use an external keyboard instead of the built-in keyboard. You can also use the same external keyboard for your laptop and desktop computers, eliminating the n... Read More »