How can i stop another user on the same modem from accessing the internet?

Answer You should be able to block the internet ports on specific IP addresses allocated to the other PCs. To do this you have to ensure those computers are assigned a fixed IP address and then block th... Read More »

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How can I stop my dad from seeing what I browse on the Internet through the modem?

ok, well odds are if he is actually monitoring you, its not without some program on your computer actually sending your history to his laptop. so, first these monitoring things can be very discreet... Read More »

How do I stop someone accessing my wireless network?

That is very easy to answer:1)Change the name of your network-also called an SSID. In giving it a name the longest name you are allowed, using only capital letters and use no words or names at all.... Read More »

How can I stop my 15 year old from accessing, without taking the pc away?

Naomi Internet Filter

How can i stop my twitter hacker accessing my account?

revoking access doesn't ban the devices, it just forces them all to be logged out and on re-entering your password you have access again, so revoke the access and it will log them and you out but t... Read More »